Meet Marty

Marty Gehres was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. He grew up in the Five Oaks neighborhood. Marty and his wife, Julie Forman, an English as a Second Language teacher in Troy, OH, still reside in Five Oaks, in a house his grandparents’ purchased in 1956.

Marty attended Corpus Christi Elementary School and Chaminade Julienne High School. He then attended Ohio University majoring in Political Science. While studying in Athens, Marty met the love of his life Julie Forman. After graduating, Marty moved home and started his career as a Deputy Clerk of Court for the Dayton Municipal Clerk of Court. During his first year back in Dayton, Marty was awarded the Young Democrat of the Year Award by the Montgomery County Democratic Party – 2013.

Marty was called to follow in his parents footsteps and pursue a degree in law. Marty graduated Cum Laude from the University of Dayton School of Law and was on its prestigious Law Review.

Marty wanted to give back to serve our community and began working as an Assistant City Attorney for his hometown. He hit the ground running! In his first year as a City Attorney, Marty advocated and crafted legislation to decriminalize marijuana in Dayton. He then took the fight to corporations that preyed on our community challenging their liquor licenses. Marty was successful and stopped several dollar stores from being granted liquor licenses. He helped bring scooters and the Oregon District DORA to downtown.

Marty assisted in the suit against a hate group rallying in Dayton, resulting in several concessions making the demonstration as safe as possible. Marty also assisted in the City’s response to the Oregon District mass shooting.

As a City Attorney, he represented the Fire Department, the Human Relations Council, the Aviation Department, the Department of Recreation and Youth Services, and conducted civil litigation.

Marty loves his hometown and is ready to continue to serve the residents of Dayton as your next Clerk of Court.